All Classes and Interfaces

A DynamicTask to perform operations with Context.
Helper class to perform animation related operations.
Helper class to perform Bitmap operations.
Base class to implement the Callable with parameters.
Callback to retrieve the result dynamically.
Helper class to change colors dynamically.
Executor class to manage or submit the asynchronous works.
Helper class to detect device specific features like Telephony, etc.
Helper class to perform Drawable operations.
The executor interface to provide concurrent functionality.
Helper class to perform various File operations.
A Handler to handle updates from the DynamicTask.
Helper class to perform input operations.
Helper class to perform Intent operations.
Helper class to perform URL, email and feedback related operations.
An Enum to load Drawable from the DrawableLruCache.
An LruCache to provide base for the other caches.
Helper class to get package or app related information.
Base class to represent the result of a asynchronous work.
The result class to represent the error.
The result class to represent the progress.
The result class to represent the success.
Base class to receive the callback from an asynchronous work.
Helper class to detect the Android SDK version at runtime so that we can provide the user experience accordingly.
Status constants to represent a asynchronous operation.
Base class to represent Runnable according to the DynamicRunnable.
Helper class to easily execute or cancel an AsyncTask by handling all the exceptions.
Helper class to perform text operations.
A TextWatcher to delay the text changed event.
Helper class to perform unit conversions.
Helper class to perform View operations.
Helper class to perform window operations and to detect system configurations at runtime.
A DynamicTask to delete a file.
A DynamicTask to write a file Uri from source to the destination.
A Handler to set the ImageView on separate thread.
A Handler to set the TextView on separate thread.